Refunds Policy

This website may, but is not obligated to, honor refund requests for the reasons listed:

This webpage is a facilitator in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, promotional affiliate program users to gain access for websites to acquire ad revenue through marketing campaigns and links to Amazon features, along with, but not limited to,, this website for Product delivery.

You do not get a delivery email from us regarding courier service.

This webpage may necessitate you, based on the product price, to first submit proof that you have submitted a report explaining the missing product to the mail service or courier firm; this webpage does not ship the products personally, directly or officially. As a result, refunds or delivery claims or conflicts must and cab be raised directly via

Non-delivery of the item: You never get a delivery e-mail from us. This webpage may require you, depending on the price of the product, first to submit evidence that you submitted a report explaining the missing product to the mail provider or courier firm;

Download problems: You have issues which prevent the items from being downloaded. This website suggests that you contact your browser provider’s customer support, since this website guarantees that all major browsers will download our software, and this problem typically occurs from a customer’s concern with either their browser, firewall, or network.

Irreparable device defects: While all the goods are carefully checked prior to release, there can be unforeseen errors. This explanation should be sent to our Support Team for your refund request to be accepted.

Product not-as-described: On a case-by-case basis and subject to our approval, a request based on this purpose is answered. All consumers are encouraged to check free samples (in the form of video overviews, demo links, product samples, and screen shots) of each kind of items offered before buying a product to avoid this kind of argument from happening.

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